(This list is not exhaustive)

  1. Tell us all about yourself.
    Discuss: When and where you attended school and University Achievements ie passed B Comm degree in year....... Part-time, temporary and voluntary jobs done ─ state years, dates and how many months/years
  2. How you spend your spare time ─ hobbies (state eg organising functions for friends/family), sports (state eg swimming), reading (what type of books?)
  3. Describe yourself as a person (responsible, helpful, interested in learning as much as possible); give us some examples
  4. Why did you choose to study accounting/law/psychology......... (whatever you studied)
  5. How do you see yourself adding value to this organisation?
  6. What role do you see yourself in after 5 years?
  7. Questions will be asked to clarify points from the CV
  8. Tell us about your background. What have you done in your past related to this role?
  9. Why did you leave the job you had at ............. (reasons to be clearly outlined, without appearing negative). This will be especially pertinent if you left the particular job within 2-3 years.
  10. What have your achievements been to date?
  11. Describe one/two of the most difficult challenges and/or rejections you've faced in the past and how you responded?
  12. What attracts you to the position you applied for?
  13. What computer programmes have you used, for how long, rate your proficiency (may need to go into detail here)
  14. Some interviewers ask questions unrelated to any job ie they may ask a hypothetical question as to how you will handle a particular situation, to assess your negotiation, leadership and diplomacy skills
  15. Interviewers will rate you on the following:
    • Etiquette
    • Communication
    • Presentability / Appearance
    • Mannerisms
    • Overall
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