Did you know?

A shocking 40% of South African students drop out of university in their first year, according to a major study done by the Human Sciences Research Council recently. One of the reasons for the high drop-out rate is poor career choices (others included adjustment issues, domestic problems, finances and teenage delinquency).

Do not be one of these dropouts because of inadequate or no professional assistance with your career choice. Remember this is a lifetime decision for most people, and mistakes can cost you, not only financially but also in time, energy and your future prospects.

Get professional help

Let us:

  1. Test your aptitudes (potential) and determine whether you are inclined towards the creative, financial, mathematical, engineering, IT, medical/scientific, technical, geological, educational, marketing/sales/PR, clothing/textiles, property, architectural, legal, retail or any number of other possibilities.

  2. We would also do your profile assessment which determines whether you have the personality that matches your aptitudes. All our tests are valid and reliable, the Aptitude tests were developed by the Human Sciences Research Council of SA, and the personality assessment is done using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which was developed based on the “type” theory of Carl Jung (an Austrian psychologist); this test is in use world-wide, and career planning is one of its many uses. Only certified users have access to this test.

  3. Following this, you receive individual career counseling from a qualified Industrial Psychologist, including a full report.

This service is open to all career seekers (school learners or university students) and any individual who wants to learn more about his/her own personality type and/or aptitude for further learning or perhaps a change in career.

For less than R500 per individual, we challenge you to find better value for money. Please contact:

Professionally Yours Career Consulting Services

Contact Numbers: 0861 111 119 or 083 789 5437


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