Terms of Business

Permanent Placements When a candidate forwarded by PY Placements is employed, an invoice is issued based on the annual salary of the candidate (including all fixed allowances and 13th cheque). This fee would exclude VAT, the calculation being as follows:

Annual package Fee
Below R300 000 12.5 %
R300 000 and above 15 %

All fees quoted above will apply unless otherwise agreed to, prior to the appointment of the candidate.

Temporary Placements
If the candidate is taken as an employee of the client, then a monthly placement fee of 15% of the monthly/weekly/daily/hourly remuneration (calculated monthly) for the duration of the contract will apply. If the client chooses, the candidate may be retained on the payroll of PY Placements as an employee, and an hourly rate will be charged to the client in respect of recruitment and administration costs. This fee would be agreed upfront with the client before the applicant's services are engaged. With respect to all temporary placements, the fee is payable within three (3) working days of date of invoice. Should the candidate be made an offer of permanent employment, the fee applicable from date of permanent employment will be the difference between the amount paid to date and the permanent placement fee.

HR Consulting and other Services
The standard consulting fee is R500 per hour, however, individual service costs vary depending on the type of service required, and the number of people involved. Written quotations supplied on request.

Invoicing and Payment
Our invoice for services rendered will be issued on the date that the successful candidate takes up employment within the client's organisation or its branch/subsidiary, or monthly until the assignment is completed, whichever applies.

Guarantees apply only to permanent placements, and will take effect from the date that the candidate commences employment. If the candidate tenders notice of resignation, or is given notice of termination of employment for any reason acceptable by law, except retrenchment, within 90 continuous days of taking up employment, then PY Placements undertakes to replace that employee (once-off only) in a similar position and for an equivalent salary package.

Alternatively, the client may be credited on a pro-rata basis for future placements, valid for twelve months from date of credit being raised, based on the following calculation of the original fee. If the candidate is terminated within:
0 – 30 days: 75%
31 – 60 days: 50%
61 – 90 days: 25%

Applicability of Fee over 12 month period
The client will be liable for a placement fee as per the fee structure outlined herein, if an applicant referred by PY Placements is employed by the client or a branch/subsidiary of that client, or by any other person or company to whom the candidate has been referred, within twelve (12) months of introduction, for either a temporary or permanent position.

Reference and other checks
Reference, ITC, criminal, qualification and other checks will be conducted as soon as a decision is made to employ a candidate, or sooner where requested, at no additional cost.

Any information relating to the applicant is to remain confidential and may not be divulged to another party. Under no circumstances may the applicant's present employment position be placed in jeopardy by contacting the current employer. All communication relating to the applicant must be channelled through PY Placements.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Acceptance of any candidate or service from PY Placements shall be deemed to be acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as set out herein, and to be binding on all parties.

Indemnity Clause
While PY Placements makes every effort to place a high calibre of candidate, it shall not be liable to the client for any loss or damage sustained by the client, arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission by a candidate placed with the client, or by any of its employees or agents.

Attorney costs
Should it be necessary for PY Placements to engage the services of an attorney to collect outstanding fees, then the client acknowledges that it will be liable for the costs of such attorney. All related costs will also be for the client's account.

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